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Vol.1, Issue 2, 2015, pp.41-54 Full text

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Zhivko Hristov

New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria

Analyzing the vocabulary and the stylistic techniques in the works of the two authors, dedicated to Bulgaria, the article aims to contribute to a change of the two seemingly contrasting attitudes in their Bulgarian reception. The first is the implicit attitude to MacGahan as a "dangerous" author whose work is not even published with its true title - "The Turkish atrocities in Bulgaria". The focus of the analysis are the passages that deal with the Bulgarian material culture and education, as well as their axiological charge. The second is the negative value-based perception of the Bulgaro-phobic texts of St. Clair, an author obviously considered ineligible for translating into Bulgarian. However, his work might be a valuable source of knowledge about the culture of the Bulgarian national revival, provided that our reception remains neutral and unaffected by his derogatory language.

Keywords: translation equivalence, connotation, axiology, irony, value-oriented motivation

Article history:
Submitted: 24 April 2015;
Reviewed: 23 November 2015;
Revised: 26 November 2015;
Accepted: 21 December 2015;
Published: 31 December 2015

Citation (APA):
Hristov, Zh. (2015). Bulgarian Revival culture - an axiological perspective in the texts of Januarius MacGahan and Stanislas St. Clair. English Studies at NBU, 1(2), 41-54.

Copyright © 2015 Zhivko Hristov

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