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Volume 7, Issue 2 - December, 2021 - Contents

Contents, p.125

Editors' Message, p. 126
Boris Naimushin and Stanislav Bogdanov

Expressing Lesser Relevance in Academic Conference Presentations, pp. 127-146
Diana Yankova and Irena Vassileva
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Implicit Arguments in Ugandan English, pp. 147-166
Bebwa Isingoma
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Since/Because Alternation: Insights from Clause Structures in Nigerian English, pp. 167-186
Mayowa Akinlotan
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The Status of English in Morocco: Lessons from Spontaneous Debates in Social Media, pp. 187-208
Abdelmajid Bouziane and Mohamed Saoudi
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"My Name to me a Sadness Wears": Self and Other According to "Diary by E. B. B.", pp. 209-226
Yana Rowland
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Dismemberment of Kathleen's Psyche in Joyce Carol Oates's "The Rise of Life on Earth", pp. 227-244
Kulamangalam Thiagarajan Tamilmani and Rathinasamy Nagalakshmi
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Counter Class and Counter Identity: Confrontations of Power in Tony Harrison’s Poetry, pp. 245-260
Younes Poorghorban
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Doctoral Section

The Mind's Eye: Picture as Narrative in Thomas Hardy's "A Pair of Blue Eyes", pp. 261-273
Dimitar Karamitev
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