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Volume 9, Issue 2 - December, 2023 - Contents

Contents, p. 145

Editors' Message, p. 146
Boris Naimushin and Stanislav Bogdanov

It Takes Three to Tango: How a Cuban Ballerina Interpreted for Castro and Khrushchev, pp. 147-168
Boris Naimushin
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On the Verge between Retranslation and Revision: Revisiting Translations of Modernist Novels in Türkiye, pp. 169-186
İrem Ceren Doğan
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The Dutiful Daughters of the British Empire: Psychosocial Topology of The British Hospital in Smyrna, pp. 187-206
Nurten Birlik, Orkun Kocabıyık, Hasan Baktır
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Incredulity toward Heroism: Ackroyd as a Gallant Storyteller against the Heroic Tradition, pp. 207-224
Nazan Yıldız
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Hedges and Boosters in 19th century British Fiction, pp. 225-238
Fatma Yuvayapan and Emrah Peksoy
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The Recurring Issue of Aviation English Test Validity: Echoes from Test-takers and Assessors of the English for Aviation Language Testing System in Algeria, pp. 239-269
Tarek Assassi and Tarek Ghodbane
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Doctoral Section

A Model for Teaching Critical Reading in an ESL Curriculum, pp. 271-292
Ugyen Tshering
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The Significance of Victorian England for the Cottagecore Aesthetic, pp. 293-311
Edgar James Ælred Jephcote
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Book Review Section

Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching: The Case of the Southern Caribbean – Book Review, pp. 313-319
Antony Hoyte-West
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Issue metrics for ESNBU Volume 9, Issue 2, 2023:
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Published: 9 articles
Acceptance rate: 37.5%