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Volume 5, Issue 1 - June, 2019 - Contents

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Stan Bogdanov

The Internationalisation of Higher Education in Europe - BOOK REVIEW, pp.7-8
Boris Naimushin
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Deen (Faith) and Donya (The Secular): al-Ghazālī’s The Alchemy Of Happiness, pp.9-39
Ali Mirsepassi, Tadd Graham Fernée
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Emotions Vocabulary and the Reconceptualisation of Emotions in Ann Radcliffe’s “The Italian; Or, the Confessional of the Black Penitents, pp.40-58
Elena Andonova-Kalapsazova
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Looking for Heteroglossia and Chronotope in New York and London: Pacino and Loncraine’s Adaptations of Richard III, pp.59-76
Mohammad Reza Hassanzadeh Javanian
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Mirroring the Society, Mirroring its Hospitals: Hyginus Ekwuazi’s Poetry and the Challenge of Nation-building, pp.77-91
Solomon Awuzie
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Vicarious Learning in the Translation Classroom: How Can It Influence Students’ Self-efficacy Beliefs?, pp.92-113
María del Mar Haro-Soler
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Emotions Across the Essay: What Second-language Writers Feel across Four Weeks’ Writing a Research Essay, pp.114-134
Christina A. DeCoursey, Aliaa N. Hamad
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Attitudes Towards Plagiarism in Academia, pp.135-164
Irena Vassileva, Mariya Chankova
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